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Shopping Deals for Holiday Season

Just as we Indians celebrate ‘Dhanteras’ before ‘Diwali’ as our shopping day, in US also people celebrate ‘Black Friday’ and ‘Cyber Monday’ before Christmas as their shopping days.

On Black Friday, people shop from ‘traditional brick and mortar’ stores.

Why is ‘Black Friday’ called ‘Black’?
Until this extremely busy day, retail stores operate ‘in the red’ and on this day they sell lot of merchandise to make a good profit (or be ‘in the black’).

On Cyber Monday, people shop from online stores. In US, internet is much more prevalent, so online retailers also get a special advantage. Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving. This year Black Friday falls on 28th Nov. and, following it, is Cyber Monday on 1st Dec.

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Improve your PPC campaign with Google’s new Search-Based Keyword Tool

Google is always busy innovating new tools and strategies for the website owners. They are their own competitors and always come up with a product which is much more useful and handy than their previous product.

Let’s check out what they have brought for us this festive season.

Search-Based Keyword Tool

A nice Christmas gift for guys having e-commerce sites! Thanks Google! :)

What this tool will do?
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Google Reveals Search Engine Optimization Strategies through SEO Starter Guide

SEO Starter Guide – A very nice step taken by ‘Brandon Falls’. Google finally revealed some of its secrets to improve a website’s position on search engines. Only yesterday, Google published its starter guide for optimizers. It’s very useful resource for optimizers of all levels.

This guide highlights various areas which need to be concerted while optimizing your site for search engines. It explains the areas like improving title and description meta tags, URL structure, site navigation, content creation, anchor text, link building and more.

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How to create Stylish WordPress Author Comments?

Blogs offer users the ability to interact with the author. This is the main reason why blogs are becoming so popular these days. However, most of the blog owners don’t give much attention to the usability and design of the comment section. People find it easy to scroll through comments, if the commenter’s details are separated from the actual comment. Some people like to have a quick glance on the comments to have an idea of discussion going on. So, if the commenter’s details are kept separated from comments, it becomes easy for them to read comments quickly.

I have seen the fact that some people complain about the less amount of comments they receive. I believe that if you put much thought and effort towards making your comment section attractive and easy to use like rest of the blog, you will be surprised at the amount of traffic you receive.

You can get some tips and examples for improving your comments section here:
Creating a better wordpress comment section

Isn’t it exciting? Now, let’s see how you can use those styles on your own blog.

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Why home page is not ranked while other pages are ranked well?

Some webmasters might have noticed that instead of home page being ranked, the internal pages of their site rank well on search engines. This is not a problem if the homepage is indexed by search engines. Getting indexed and getting ranked are two different things.

To check whether home page is indexed or not, run a query
on Google. It will display all the indexed pages of your site. If your home/index page is there, it means Google is able to crawl it.

The reason why your other pages are ranking well instead of home page is that the sub/internal pages are more relevant to the topics being searched. The searched keyword appears prominently in title and description of that page because of which it is given more importance.

If you want to get your home page ranked:

  • Improve the cross-linking structure of your website. There should be proper navigation on all your pages. It also saves people a click or two and also leads to more conversions (or actions).
  • Generate more links from other sites pointing towards your index page.
  • Create a sitemap.

In contrast, if you want to get your sub/internal pages ranked:

  • Use keywords in anchor text for internal linkage of various pages of the website.
  • Generate external links towards sub pages using keywords in anchor text.
  • Write good and useful content on your website.

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What was discussed in Google Webmaster ‘Tricks and Treats’ Webinar? – Part 2

In my previous post of Google Webmaster ‘Tricks and Treats’ Webinar, I had given some notes of the presentations given by the Googlers. Here, in this post, I am posting the questions asked by the webmasters and the answers as given by the Google Team itself.

Q: You say links don’t count, but why is there such an emphasis on them and why does it seem that they DO make a difference?
A: Jonathan Simon; Links are one of the ways users and search engines find your site. So if visitors are important to you then links should also be important to you.

Q: About IP addresses, you always used to hear that you don’t want to share because you could get punished if you share with a bad site. I’m guessing that’s not a concern anymore — true or false?
JohnMu; I wouldn’t worry about that anymore. The situations where it would matter are when the server is overloaded (can’t respond to your visitors) and when it’s incorrectly configured (not returning your site to your visitors).

Q: When checking out your links to not found pages, what would you do about links from spammy sites? In fact, what to do about links from spammy sites in general?
Wysz; In general, it’s not something that you should worry about. We understand that you can’t control all links to your site, and work hard to make our algorithms robust enough to prevent this type of activity from harming your site’s ranking.

If you do notice any spam sites that are affecting Google’s search results, please let us know by submitting a spam report:

Q: Until recently (the last six months or so) a high ranking was achievable by submitting articles to article directories (providing they were 40%-60% unique), it no longer seems to be the case. Have links from article sites been de-valued at all?

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