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Google PageRank update 2008-09

Today, on 31st December, Google has started PageRank update. PageRank is a measure of quality and quantity of links of a page. It identifies the authority of a website. There are around 200 factors which are considered to measure it. These factors include incoming and outgoing links, web page content, W3C validation, CSS validation, traffic received, age of the website, and lots more.

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Which is the best Blogging CMS 2008?

With the growing computerization, blogosphere has shown a tremendous increase in the recent years. While people used professionally tailored websites to increase the online presence of their business only, now they are using various blogging and social networking platforms to socialize and express their interests and personality too. With this advancement, the originators of blogging platforms are also giving full support by making their CMSs more user-friendly to cater to the needs of people.

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How is SocialTwist ‘Tell-A-Friend’ service different from others?

SocialTwist LogoIf you go to the bottom of each post, you will see a cool new widget. This is called SocialTwist ‘Tell-A-Friend’ widget. It enables your readers or employees of a company to collaborate with each other.

SocialTwist allows you to send your favorite post to your friends without moving away from the site. It provides ‘Tell-A-Friend’ script which can be used across various services like email, social networking/bookmarking sites, IM and other CMS/ blogs. Also, you don’t have to remember the email addresses as the widget shows your contact list from the respective email or social network.

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What are the expected changes at Google in 2009?

Matt Cutts got interviewed at PubCon by Mike McDonald. This interview turned to be an exciting and informative source to peek into the expected changes at Google in future. Here is the video interview:

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