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Would you like to see your site’s favicon in Google search results?

Hey, I just came across an exciting update going on in Google SERPs. A favicon along with search results! Crap, I don’t believe it. Till now, we were able to see favicon at two places only:

  1. In browser tab.
  2. In browser bookmarks/favorites.

Now it’s expected that Google search results too will display it.

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Your Voice Counts: Stand against Female Foeticide

Save Girl ChildWe are entering 61st year of Indian Republic. We are living in an era in which girls and boys are considered equal. Girls are doing everything what a boy can do. Then why is there so much of discrimination? Why the birth of a girl is still considered an omen? Why the mother kills her baby girl growing inside her? The mother is also a woman who is giving birth to the child. Female infanticide is not the wish of mother alone; some mothers have to do this under pressure from her family, in-laws and husband. Why don’t the people think that the mother who gave them birth was also a woman? If she was also killed before her birth, then their existence was impossible.

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Top 10 Trends in Corporate Blogging 2009

Last night I attended the webinar by Chris Baggott, CEO/CoFounder of Compendium Blogware. He has been honored as one of the ’100 most influential marketers of 2008′. Compendium Blogware offers a solution for corporate blogging. Can you imagine the importance of organizational blogging? If done correctly and with a little caution, corporate blog can prove to be a turning point in your marketing efforts. It can convert the eyeballs into potential customers. Online presence of a company not only helps in attracting more customers, but it also ensures its presence for more generations to come.

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Twitter as a Social Media Marketing Tool

Tweet…Tweet! Are you a twitter addict? Do you have lots of followers? Do they like your updates? Do you have a blog? So, what are you waiting for…? Connect your blog with your twitter account now!

Twitter is now-a-days a very popular social tool that helps you in your marketing efforts. It helps in reaching a wider and targeted audience. People can connect with each other and send twitter updates and direct messages (DMs) to each other. The more people you follow, more popular you become and eventually you will be followed by many more people. And the exciting thing is that if you cross 5,000 followers mark, you officially become part of Top 500 on Twitter. :)

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Should Google devalue links from social sites?

I would like to share a query asked by one of my readers, Vishal. I think this question arose in the minds of lot of SEOs one or the other time. He asked:

Is it time search engines (especially Google) devalue links from sites like linkedin, myspace, facebook etc. I dont have anything against these sites and I myself use linkedin with good success. But I feel these sites dilute the quality of SERPs. I maybe wrong, what do you think Preeti?

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Did you like the new colorful Google Favicon?

After a whole day of studying, I just opened my laptop and went to gmail to check my mails. Uhhh… I was surprised to see the new bright colored favicon of Google. At least in 2009, they got to know that we are not in the ‘Black and White’ world of 60’s.  ;)

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