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Understanding Twitter Basics

I am much appreciated to know that my last post about twitter prompted many people to join it. So, here is another post to help you understand Twitter better.

Everyone Tab:

Although all the features of it are self explanatory, still there is one tab named ‘Everyone’, in the right sidebar, which itself doesn’t indicate for what it stands for.

The whole point of the Everyone tab is to display an unfiltered, unbiased, fresh 20-tweet “snapshot” of all (public) tweets from the entire world – to and from people you don’t know – and even in alphabets (and languages) you can’t read.

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Is Yahoo trying to imitate Google?

Yahoo! Valentine's Season Special

Yahoo! Valentine's Season Special

On every occasion/ holiday season, Google comes up with something nice in their search results. This Valentine’s Day season, Yahoo! announced something similar. They are running a heart-border around the Valentine’s Day ads on the right side of search page. The hearts show up on certain Valentine’s Day queries like gifts, cards, candy etc., to grab the user’s attention so that they can easily spot what they are looking for.

So, to make profits, this is a good opportunity for Yahoo! Advertisers who are selling Valentine’s Day products.

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Why should I use Google Friend Connect?

Google introduced Friend Connect to tap into the social networking community. It is very simple to use and apply on your website. For site owners, Google offers a snippet of code. Simply add the code to your website and get social features up and running. No need of programming required.

The site becomes more dynamic and enjoys the features of social networking. No need to remember more usernames and passwords. Simply sign in with your google, yahoo, aim or open id account.

You can connect with your friends on other networks while being at at the same time. You can make friends, join sites using friend connect, connect with other people who share similar interests. Currently, you can invite friends from Orkut and Plaxo, your contacts from Google Talk, or anyone by sending an email.

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