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The Real Essence of Online Marketing

Hi Friends!

How have you been all this while? I really missed chatting and sharing yours’ and mine experience! I was unable to catch up with you all, as I was busy setting up my own company, BlueBit Systems. In the process, I worked with several clients with different mind sets and varied requirements. This really helped me in a much deeper understanding of online marketing.Online Marketing Benefits

What I realized during the course is SEO is more than optimizing a set of only a few keywords; it is a part of bigger and more synchronized world which is helping companies to gain recognition and win virtual, and finally, the real market.

Optimizing the site for a set of keywords, the basic SEO technique, is only one aspect of the industry and we need to grow beyond that. We need to understand the real power of Adwords and harness social media as part of our marketing campaign. The real traffic comes from here, and helps in bringing the due recognition to your brand. The companies, who understand this, have increased their customer base and penetrated their brand.

Let me take one thing at a time, this will help us to understand the two ideas clearly and effectively. I will begin with Adwords as this is the most crucial topic and the moment we are able to understand the essence of this word, we are sure to place ourselves strategically via the online media. Read more »