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…And this is how it got started!

Sunday Morning, 7:30 AM… we, me and my hubby, were sitting in our flat’s balcony enjoying the pleasant winds on 9th floor of our building. With tea mugs in our hands, looking at the passing by trains, my hubby spoke mildly; in between the siren of a train; …what if we start a company? Our OWN company? I got startled, partly with the siren and partly with what I incompletely listened… I looked into his eyes with amazement. He looked damn serious.

He continued… you have 4 years of extensive experience, handle a team, have got good references and already taking up freelance assignments… so why not expand it into a digital marketing company? You already have a platform and I think it’s a very good idea indeed. I, listening quietly, just nodded by head to say NO; but also wanted to say YES. Something stroked my mind and I jumped up from my chair out of excitement… YES! I said, and then I will be called as ‘Preeti Mittal… CEO of…’ Wow! I am all in… Let’s do it!

I placed the tea mugs inside and came out puzzled how to begin working on this idea. Meanwhile, my dear, had already some plans running in his mind. He said we can start recruiting manpower by posting on job portals, shortlist some candidates and call them for interview. But…, I interrupted, for that firstly we have to name our company. We started brainstorming but nothing good appeared.

I looked at the serene beauty of blue sky and down there blue sea, and all the technical stuff was jumping up and down my mind, and from there I came up with BlueBit Systems. It was a unique feeling of all the emotions grabbing me at the same time.

We sat down to publish the job on job portals and that gave rise to our very own company. While still searching for an office space and in talks with lots of brokers, I decided to take some interviews in a near by café to speed up the process. Finally, we settled up with a rented office space and a few team members ready to join me soon in my entrepreneurial journey.

So, this is how in the fast paced life of Mumbai, between the whistling trains, where the sky meets ocean… our simple thought turned into an entrepreneurial venture. Now we are living our dream, moving ahead step by step to reach the heights of the sky and the depths of the ocean.

Our digital marketing agency, BlueBit Systems, is now doing extremely good not very far away from where we want to take it. I am sure… together we can and we will do it!