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How to Start Writing a Blog – A Beginner’s Guide

Today, one of my SEO fellows asked me, how she can start to write a blog post? What topic to choose? So, here it is for you sweetie!

Ok, so now you are all set. You have created a blog and leaning back at the chair just thinking what to write about! Aaah!!! This is the biggest thing that happens with each one of us and that’s why many people refrain from writing. This, in blogosphere, is known as ‘the writer’s block’. Overcoming writer’s block is not difficult. You don’t just have to think. Spare some time from your busy schedule and start writing. Start jotting down whatever comes to your mind. You read an article in newspaper today and want to convey your thoughts on it… write it down! Read more »

Which links do Google display with link query?

I have seen many of my colleagues and friends checking backlinks in Google, and not getting satisfactory results. When you type a link query or link command in Google search box, it returns only a few links while Yahoo returns majority of them. Why is it so? Do Google recognize only few of them? No. It’s not like that. Google do recognize them, but it doesn’t want you to know that it recognizes them.

For Google, link command is

For Yahoo, link command is

Google have deliberately manipulated their back link query system so that it only lets you see a small percentage of backlinks that it recognizes.

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PPP v4.0 Now Live – Simple and Faster

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PayPerPost v4.0 Released

PayPerPost v4.0 Released

Great news for all bloggers and advertisers out there! PayPerPost v4.0 is now live for everyone. It’s a very simple and elegant way to earn money with no more waiting time for blog approvals.

For bloggers, there’s no more busy dashboard, no more Advertiser-set prices. Advertisers now have complete control over who they invite to take their opportunities, and who gets approved for payout.

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Top 10 Trends in Corporate Blogging 2009

Last night I attended the webinar by Chris Baggott, CEO/CoFounder of Compendium Blogware. He has been honored as one of the ’100 most influential marketers of 2008′. Compendium Blogware offers a solution for corporate blogging. Can you imagine the importance of organizational blogging? If done correctly and with a little caution, corporate blog can prove to be a turning point in your marketing efforts. It can convert the eyeballs into potential customers. Online presence of a company not only helps in attracting more customers, but it also ensures its presence for more generations to come.

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Google PageRank update 2008-09

Today, on 31st December, Google has started PageRank update. PageRank is a measure of quality and quantity of links of a page. It identifies the authority of a website. There are around 200 factors which are considered to measure it. These factors include incoming and outgoing links, web page content, W3C validation, CSS validation, traffic received, age of the website, and lots more.

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Which is the best Blogging CMS 2008?

With the growing computerization, blogosphere has shown a tremendous increase in the recent years. While people used professionally tailored websites to increase the online presence of their business only, now they are using various blogging and social networking platforms to socialize and express their interests and personality too. With this advancement, the originators of blogging platforms are also giving full support by making their CMSs more user-friendly to cater to the needs of people.

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