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Google Algorithm Updates taking the form of Sandy Hurricane on the Web

Sandy hurricane & googleRecently, Sandy hurricane wrecked havoc across the NorthEast coast of US. This has been very devastating and I hope all my near and dear ones, fellow bloggers, business partners and everyone else is safe and secure.

While US is struggling with Sandy hurricane, in the web world; we have seen the websites suffering with Google algorithm updates. I will refer Google updates as ‘Google hurricane’, as these updates also bring devastating affects for some of the sites and for some, it doesn’t matter et el.

Ok, so what are the similarities in both the hurricanes?

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How to Start an Online Business?


With the internet users increasing in numbers, we would have to say that it is the perfect time to explore new opportunities and new dimensions to reach out to people and make use of the technology to its maximum. The corporate world is fast changing and with it the shopping ways of people. Less time and lack of energy, make it difficult to run around store to store to shop for products, which is why in America, around 60% of consumers can be found online. They find it convenient and easy to shop from the comforts of the home.

There is a phenomenal change in the way people look at the internet in India today. Over 50 million and still growing numbers of internet users, it is no longer recognized as just information medium. Business men and the entrepreneurs should exploit this medium to make their presence felt globally and use the technology to its fullest. Business people need to contemplate on the fact that it is only a matter of time when the younger generation, which is now growing along with the internet will not be noticed anywhere other than the web. Apparently, they are already shunning consumption by the offline media or traditional approach. Do not be surprised to find them on the internet spending disproportionate time.

So, today we will share some tips about starting an online business in India.

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What are the effects of backlinks from


Recently, I have come across lots of people complaining about their websites getting devalued by Google. After analyzing, I have found that in most of the cases, the backlinks from Fiverr gigs was the reason. was started in 2009 to provide services ranging from odd gigs to backlinks. However, the company claims for only $5 for their services and provides you with their services. They make great promises to attract clients to buy their backlinks.

Do they have detrimental effect?

Great promises are made by the company to provide good quality back links to the websites. But it matters when we talk about the long run. Google, Bing and Yahoo have become a lot stricter and when you think about more than 4000 links, it has to come from the program known as Xrumer, that’s what is up to. The links will probably have nothing to do with the website content and is of no use in the long run. Ultimately, it will affect your website negatively. With the present Penguine update, Google has gone very strict, but the relies more on providing paid back links that are highly unacceptable by the search engines. Google has banned many such sites for using paid links or other services like the that are used to increase page rank.

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Google Penguin: Finally Arrived

Google Penguine Update


Google seems in no mood to spare creepy SEO services and black hat SEO practices. Google Penguin is just another name for the code algorithm which Google will be using to combat web spam. The crawlers are acting much trickier after the Google Panda update in 2011. It’s time that SEO providers must pull up the socks. This Penguin update is just an extension of Panda but many additional SEO guidelines have surfaced. This will not spare the illegal service practitioners which mar the ranking of actual SEO doers. Now with the latest Google update the SEO providers have to be extra careful because during any update the SEO done has been washed off, sometimes ripping off the entire website for the Google’s index.

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‘Google Caffeine’ – Change in Indexing Infrastructure

Caffeine and Google

Since a long time, as Google was busy working on caffeine update, I was also busy with my married life. Today, as Google had announced the completion of caffeine, I also announce my come back here.

What does caffeine mean?

  • Faster search
    Caffeine is a chemical compound which acts as a stimulant. Similarly, caffeine update is a stimulant for Google’s indexing infrastructure. When you a type a search query in the search bar of Google, caffeine – the stimulant, come into play and uplifts the pages residing on data centres quickly. This means that you will see search results much faster.

    Old Google crawling and indexing was structured in layers. Some layers were indexed faster, while the main layer could be updated in a couple of weeks. This means that a bunch had to wait until the whole layer was processed and pushed live. This added a significant delay in when the page was crawled by Googlebot and when it was published. Caffeine resulted in a 50% fresher index.

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Which links do Google display with link query?

I have seen many of my colleagues and friends checking backlinks in Google, and not getting satisfactory results. When you type a link query or link command in Google search box, it returns only a few links while Yahoo returns majority of them. Why is it so? Do Google recognize only few of them? No. It’s not like that. Google do recognize them, but it doesn’t want you to know that it recognizes them.

For Google, link command is

For Yahoo, link command is

Google have deliberately manipulated their back link query system so that it only lets you see a small percentage of backlinks that it recognizes.

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