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Understanding Twitter Basics

I am much appreciated to know that my last post about twitter prompted many people to join it. So, here is another post to help you understand Twitter better.

Everyone Tab:

Although all the features of it are self explanatory, still there is one tab named ‘Everyone’, in the right sidebar, which itself doesn’t indicate for what it stands for.

The whole point of the Everyone tab is to display an unfiltered, unbiased, fresh 20-tweet “snapshot” of all (public) tweets from the entire world – to and from people you don’t know – and even in alphabets (and languages) you can’t read.

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Why should I use Google Friend Connect?

Google introduced Friend Connect to tap into the social networking community. It is very simple to use and apply on your website. For site owners, Google offers a snippet of code. Simply add the code to your website and get social features up and running. No need of programming required.

The site becomes more dynamic and enjoys the features of social networking. No need to remember more usernames and passwords. Simply sign in with your google, yahoo, aim or open id account.

You can connect with your friends on other networks while being at at the same time. You can make friends, join sites using friend connect, connect with other people who share similar interests. Currently, you can invite friends from Orkut and Plaxo, your contacts from Google Talk, or anyone by sending an email.

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Twitter as a Social Media Marketing Tool

Tweet…Tweet! Are you a twitter addict? Do you have lots of followers? Do they like your updates? Do you have a blog? So, what are you waiting for…? Connect your blog with your twitter account now!

Twitter is now-a-days a very popular social tool that helps you in your marketing efforts. It helps in reaching a wider and targeted audience. People can connect with each other and send twitter updates and direct messages (DMs) to each other. The more people you follow, more popular you become and eventually you will be followed by many more people. And the exciting thing is that if you cross 5,000 followers mark, you officially become part of Top 500 on Twitter. :)

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Should Google devalue links from social sites?

I would like to share a query asked by one of my readers, Vishal. I think this question arose in the minds of lot of SEOs one or the other time. He asked:

Is it time search engines (especially Google) devalue links from sites like linkedin, myspace, facebook etc. I dont have anything against these sites and I myself use linkedin with good success. But I feel these sites dilute the quality of SERPs. I maybe wrong, what do you think Preeti?

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How is SocialTwist ‘Tell-A-Friend’ service different from others?

SocialTwist LogoIf you go to the bottom of each post, you will see a cool new widget. This is called SocialTwist ‘Tell-A-Friend’ widget. It enables your readers or employees of a company to collaborate with each other.

SocialTwist allows you to send your favorite post to your friends without moving away from the site. It provides ‘Tell-A-Friend’ script which can be used across various services like email, social networking/bookmarking sites, IM and other CMS/ blogs. Also, you don’t have to remember the email addresses as the widget shows your contact list from the respective email or social network.

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What are the expected changes at Google in 2009?

Matt Cutts got interviewed at PubCon by Mike McDonald. This interview turned to be an exciting and informative source to peek into the expected changes at Google in future. Here is the video interview:

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