Your Voice Counts: Stand against Female Foeticide

Save Girl ChildWe are entering 61st year of Indian Republic. We are living in an era in which girls and boys are considered equal. Girls are doing everything what a boy can do. Then why is there so much of discrimination? Why the birth of a girl is still considered an omen? Why the mother kills her baby girl growing inside her? The mother is also a woman who is giving birth to the child. Female infanticide is not the wish of mother alone; some mothers have to do this under pressure from her family, in-laws and husband. Why don’t the people think that the mother who gave them birth was also a woman? If she was also killed before her birth, then their existence was impossible.

People consider boy as ‘Kul ka Deep’, the lamp of family. What if their son after growing up becomes a gangster or a drunk or indulges himself into a bad habit? Some boys don’t care for their parents in their old age. But have you ever noticed a girl ignoring her family even after getting married. Boys look after only one home, but girls look after two homes – their parents as well as in-laws. So are the girls behind in anything?

It is said that a girl is born twice – one when she takes birth and the other when she gives birth to a child. She has to bear so much pain while giving birth but on seeing her child she forgets everything. She is blessed with the power to give life to another soul. Then who are you to deprive her of the world’s biggest happiness?

This is a male dominated world where it’s very difficult for a girl to survive. In this 21st century, the girls still can’t step out of the house after 8 PM? Every morning, the newspaper is full of news of eve teasing. Only because of the boys, the girls have to face abortions, tortures and humiliation. The boys must try to understand this.

People say that behind every successful man there is a woman, why can’t it be vice versa? People always pull women backwards. If a woman can be the manager of home, can’t she be the manager of a company? She can’t, only because males don’t like to work under the leadership of a woman!

Women are always looked down upon. But, when will all these things come to an end? Someone has to step forward to fight against this. So, why not start from our own home? Don’t let female foeticide happen in your home and educate your neighbors too. If one person will approach two other people, slowly the whole nation will be aware of the thing.

I urge all Indians and other people living inside and outside India to take pledge against female foeticide. Help to balance the male-female ratio and help India grow. Only then we can say proudly that we are the people of 21st century. So, com’on! Let’s join hands to fight against this.

She is a daughter, she is a sister,
She is a friend, then she holds a hand.
She is a wife, she is a mother,
She is the one who struggles.
She suffers from the plight,
‘You are a girl, and you have no right!’
Stop female infanticide,
Give girl child a new life.

Happy republic day

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9 Responses to “Your Voice Counts: Stand against Female Foeticide”

  1. Great Write up – we must publish our concern about this evil in our society.

  2. geetika says:

    The Great Article..Our Society must know about this..!!!Keep it up..:)

  3. Muthu Selvan says:

    Nice Article Preethi..

  4. Preeti Prakash says:

    Thanks! Hope you all too are spreading this message. :)

  5. Nice article but poverty the reason may be.

  6. Preeti Prakash says:

    Yes, poverty may be the reason. But it should not affect the girl child alone!

  7. Niyati says:

    Very nice article! preeti :)

  8. raju bodke says:

    its really very sad that ,though INDIA is very fast developing country, there is still a very backward thinking when it comes to girl child. and its worst in most of the cases mothers are being held responsible for the girlchild being born.

  9. KUMAR MUKUL says:

    very very awsome & awakening article

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