What are the effects of backlinks from Fiverr.com?


Recently, I have come across lots of people complaining about their websites getting devalued by Google. After analyzing, I have found that in most of the cases, the backlinks from Fiverr gigs was the reason.

Fiverr.com was started in 2009 to provide services ranging from odd gigs to backlinks. However, the company claims for only $5 for their services and provides you with their services. They make great promises to attract clients to buy their backlinks.

Do they have detrimental effect?

Great promises are made by the company to provide good quality back links to the websites. But it matters when we talk about the long run. Google, Bing and Yahoo have become a lot stricter and when you think about more than 4000 links, it has to come from the program known as Xrumer, that’s what Fiverr.com is up to. The links will probably have nothing to do with the website content and is of no use in the long run. Ultimately, it will affect your website negatively. With the present Penguine update, Google has gone very strict, but the Fiverr.com relies more on providing paid back links that are highly unacceptable by the search engines. Google has banned many such sites for using paid links or other services like the Fiverr.com that are used to increase page rank.

What is the quality of back links?

The people offering links on Fiverr most often offer poor quality automated links. Most of the time, you will not know it if your site is not in the competitive niche or if you do have a good number of links to your site. The value is worthless and there is no guarantee that your site will stay at the present rank after a few months as they promise. With so many such services providing back links for a small amount, search engines have no doubt raised their quality bar and are now very much alert regarding the quality. They now penalize sites for unethical activities.

Cons of services by Fiverr.com

In the Fiverr.com, the service is cheap as it is carried out by private individuals who do not know what they are doing or have less knowledge for the job. It is not only a waste of money, but they do not provide anything on time and even if they do build links; they are automated. People may come across sudden ban of their website. This has happened to many people and without any apparent reason. This creates frustrations and does not give you any advantage. Many times you are not able to get what you ordered for, for several weeks and your waiting never ends.

Back links generating services have to be chosen with care and a little bit of research is necessary. If you want to see results you have to have patience and the right kind of method.

People who have faced problems with Fiverr.com can get their queries answered here. Due to the ill-effect that Fiverr has left on many people, their issues need to be addressed promptly. I am here to do the same and help in ways beneficial to the user.

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3 Responses to “What are the effects of backlinks from Fiverr.com?”

  1. Gran says:

    I have used fiver on probably 6 to 7 gigs. I found a ebook stating which ones to use to get to the top of google. What must I do now so I don’t get tanked a month from now? I’ve worked hard on my website and now trying to get the site ranked on first page. What must I do to prevent being sandboxed? Where should I be looking to get good quality links?

  2. Preeti Prakash says:

    Hey Gran! On Fiverr, people are providing 1000s of links just for $5. Do you think they will be spending any time searching for good quality and relevant sites for each business niche? Do they put in all that manual effort. Obviously, not! So, always remember, spending on good quality services always pays you back. Stop taking 1000s of links from there immediately! And contact any good SEO company or ME for your rescue.

  3. Grant says:

    Is there any way to clear out the spammy back links that you have acquired from fiver? Any services or techniques?

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