What is the future of SEO in the world of ever-evolving search engines?

Aaron Wall raised a question ‘Will SEO be dead within next two years?

Future of SEO - Dead or Live?

Future of SEO – Dead or Live?

Most of the SEOs are of the opinion “NO, SEO will continue till search engines continue to rank sites. Though the techniques used may change.”

I would say that SEO might be dead. As the search engines especially Google are changing the way they rank sites, SEO will not be needed anymore. Since its inception, algorithm of Google to rank sites has changed a lot. Earlier it used to rank sites based on the keywords in ‘keyword’ Meta tag. Later it made the use of this tag obsolete.

The latest algorithm is much intelligent which considers the demographics and geographical location of the user and the search history (if you are logged in your account). And in the future, it has plans of developing the search engine into a more intelligent machine which will show the results according to the intent of the person using it. So, I guess SEO comes in no way.

But yes, if SEO means to you reaching your targeted audience rather than just getting top rankings on search engines, then you have a long way to go. SEO (better to be called as online marketing) in the true sense, means making your site impressive and useful for customers. Building your brand and reaching your potential customers should be your motive.

Rightly quoted by Bob Massa:

“I believe anyone can be successful at online marketing or even traffic generation and search engine placement specifically, if they just stop looking for ways to trick machines and instead look for ways to connect with humans.”

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