Google Algorithm Updates taking the form of Sandy Hurricane on the Web

Sandy hurricane & googleRecently, Sandy hurricane wrecked havoc across the NorthEast coast of US. This has been very devastating and I hope all my near and dear ones, fellow bloggers, business partners and everyone else is safe and secure.

While US is struggling with Sandy hurricane, in the web world; we have seen the websites suffering with Google algorithm updates. I will refer Google updates as ‘Google hurricane’, as these updates also bring devastating affects for some of the sites and for some, it doesn’t matter et el.

Ok, so what are the similarities in both the hurricanes?

  1. Sandy hurricane started from the Caribbean, the far off seas, and reached land after showing its power there. Google hurricane starts with low quality sites and affects the high quality sites as well, but its power keeps decreasing as it moves on.
  2. Just like Sandy hurricane, Google hurricane brings with it floods of new websites on the top of SERP.
  3. Sandy hurricane has left some parts of States without electric power, similarly when a Google hurricane arrives; the business owners whose sites get blacklisted also feel themselves in a black world.
  4. After-effects of Sandy hurricane leaves people to reconstruct their houses, similarly after Google hurricane, webmasters get busy updating their websites and follow new strategies to keep breast with the changing web world :)

So, the moral of the story is: A disaster can arrive anytime. Always be prepared to face it. Keep your sandbags ready and look out for places from where you can get help in case your site gets dumped by Google. Always have backup plans and adopt such SEO strategies which can, not eliminate, but atleast reduce the effect of any hurricane that Google comes up with.

If you are one of the Google hurricane victims, please share your experience below.

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