Google Penguin: Finally Arrived

Google Penguine Update


Google seems in no mood to spare creepy SEO services and black hat SEO practices. Google Penguin is just another name for the code algorithm which Google will be using to combat web spam. The crawlers are acting much trickier after the Google Panda update in 2011. It’s time that SEO providers must pull up the socks. This Penguin update is just an extension of Panda but many additional SEO guidelines have surfaced. This will not spare the illegal service practitioners which mar the ranking of actual SEO doers. Now with the latest Google update the SEO providers have to be extra careful because during any update the SEO done has been washed off, sometimes ripping off the entire website for the Google’s index.

Penguin catch by Google

Now you will rule Google if your website is equipped with latest norms and legal SEO practices. Decorate all websites with unique and useful content, effective link building and no spam comments and forum posts. Google algorithm is new and hitting hard on many websites, perhaps affecting revenues and ranking drastically just in a few days after its launch on 24th April 2012. Google has aimed this update mainly for websites which are using unfair means and diverting the algorithm prepared by Google earlier with illegal and not so recommended SEO techniques like cloaking, linking schemes, duplicate content creation, keyword stuffing and lots more. Now the main aspect of Google Penguin is not only to cut down the ranking of websites but make only quality and great sites deserve the rank and revenues. This is another part of update for quality check by search engine giant.

The more SEO practices are widening, the more the Google algorithm updates are making it difficult for websites to maintain extremely high quality links (inbound and outbound). Earlier also Google had launched a series of updates to retain the quality of websites. The main objective of Google is to curb down the illegal practices such that the true quality is retained and only relevant websites comes on top of search engine rankings. This not only helps Google to maintain its loyalists but also makes readers find authentic and factual information.

We all love Google, don’t we! And so we must feel contended about all its updates and must follow the slated guidelines. It helps us to survive in a better way. Google Penguin feedback forms are also available in two types, namely for web spamming and unfair action on websites after the update. Please share your views on how your sites got impacted.

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