Twitter as a Social Media Marketing Tool

Tweet…Tweet! Are you a twitter addict? Do you have lots of followers? Do they like your updates? Do you have a blog? So, what are you waiting for…? Connect your blog with your twitter account now!

Twitter is now-a-days a very popular social tool that helps you in your marketing efforts. It helps in reaching a wider and targeted audience. People can connect with each other and send twitter updates and direct messages (DMs) to each other. The more people you follow, more popular you become and eventually you will be followed by many more people. And the exciting thing is that if you cross 5,000 followers mark, you officially become part of Top 500 on Twitter. :)

Only problem with twitter is that it doesn’t include many features in itself. All the services are provided separately for which you have to search here and there. Now no more searching is needed. I am compiling some of the services here and will continue telling you about more services.Follow Me

Now you must be thinking, ‘how can I connect my blog with twitter?’ You don’t need to scratch your head anymore. Read on further.

  • TwitterFeed

    The service named as ‘’ connects your blog with your twitter account.

    How TwitterFeed works?

    Login to with your OpenID. If you don’t have any, register one for yourself.

    After logging in, you will be prompted to confirm your identity. Confirm it and you will again land on TwitterFeed site. Click ‘Go to my Twitter Feed or create a new one’. Add your RSS feed URL and you are done. Every time you post on your blog, it will be shown as your twitter update on twitter.

    Try it out!

  • TwitterCounter

    Now that you have got lots of followers, let the world know how much love your blog is receiving.

    You can add a TwitterCounter plugin on your site. It displays the number of followers from your twitter account. Download the plugin here: Download

    It may take upto 24 hours to display the count. So, if the badge shows a blank text area, don’t panic. Leave it and check back again after sometime.

  • Suggestion Tool

    Recently Twitter has launched a new suggestion tool. Its right inside your twitter account. It suggests some people whom you may consider following.

    But I wonder on what basis it is suggesting as I didn’t found anyone sharing the similar interests as mine. Hopefully they will work on improving it.

Happy Twitting!

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7 Responses to “Twitter as a Social Media Marketing Tool”

  1. Thanks for the TwitterCounter review! Glad you like it enough to display the button here. Hope it helps you gain more followers…

  2. good job of providing a few simple ways for people to connect their twitter to their blog. twitter also had a simple badge you can install in your sidebar.

  3. Preeti Prakash says:

    Thanks Boris and Jacob. Yes, there is a badge too which can be found here: Twitter Badges. It lets your visitors know what you are doing currently.

  4. Jag says:

    Good start with twitter basic, cheers

  5. Wow…
    That is nice information.
    Very soon may be I will join.
    Thanks for posting such a nice informative blog.
    Cheers !

  6. Preeti Prakash says:

    I am glad that you liked the content. You are always welcome to join me anytime. If you want information on any particular subject, please let me know either by posting comment or drop me an email.

  7. Vivek Kumar says:

    I must admit that your article prompted me to join Twitter and use it for my blog.

    Very cool piece of work and nicely comprehensive. Thanks!

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