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Your Voice Counts: Stand against Female Foeticide

Save Girl ChildWe are entering 61st year of Indian Republic. We are living in an era in which girls and boys are considered equal. Girls are doing everything what a boy can do. Then why is there so much of discrimination? Why the birth of a girl is still considered an omen? Why the mother kills her baby girl growing inside her? The mother is also a woman who is giving birth to the child. Female infanticide is not the wish of mother alone; some mothers have to do this under pressure from her family, in-laws and husband. Why don’t the people think that the mother who gave them birth was also a woman? If she was also killed before her birth, then their existence was impossible.

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Did you like the new colorful Google Favicon?

After a whole day of studying, I just opened my laptop and went to gmail to check my mails. Uhhh… I was surprised to see the new bright colored favicon of Google. At least in 2009, they got to know that we are not in the ‘Black and White’ world of 60’s.  ;)

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Shopping Deals for Holiday Season

Just as we Indians celebrate ‘Dhanteras’ before ‘Diwali’ as our shopping day, in US also people celebrate ‘Black Friday’ and ‘Cyber Monday’ before Christmas as their shopping days.

On Black Friday, people shop from ‘traditional brick and mortar’ stores.

Why is ‘Black Friday’ called ‘Black’?
Until this extremely busy day, retail stores operate ‘in the red’ and on this day they sell lot of merchandise to make a good profit (or be ‘in the black’).

On Cyber Monday, people shop from online stores. In US, internet is much more prevalent, so online retailers also get a special advantage. Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving. This year Black Friday falls on 28th Nov. and, following it, is Cyber Monday on 1st Dec.

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Why you should visit regularly?

First of all, a very warm welcome to all my readers, and a very Happy Diwali to my Indian friends. May this Diwali (the festival of lights) bring all the luck and happiness in your life!

You must be wondering how is going to be a useful resource for you? Let me tell you why I have created and why you should subscribe and visit it regularly? All my friends, colleagues and teachers say that I ask lots of questions. But I have learnt a lot too through this habit of mine and now I want to share my knowledge with you. Here, I will be posting articles particularly related to search engine optimization, blogging, and search engine marketing. Areas like web development, programming and web designing will also be covered to some extent because these areas also play an important part in website optimization. I keep on experimenting and learning various things related to development and designing, so I will share it with you and will tell you, in the simplest way, the easiest manner to do things. This site is basically for those who are just stepping into this field and want to learn more and more. Many people approach me and ask questions related to my profession (i.e., SEO) and even come with their personal problems. Keeping this in mind I thought of creating this website,, to help them in every possible manner I can. This is a one spot where all your queries will get answered.

I will be presenting much of the information in question-answer format which will be very easy to scan through. You can contact me and send me any of your queries and suggestions at If I find the question asked by you as interesting and helpful for others too, then I will post the question along with the answer here. You can opt to disclose your name or keep yourself anonymous. Any queries related to personal problems are also welcome.

I am dedicating one section of this site to my dad, Dr. Nirmal Prakash, who is a medical physician by profession. He will be giving you health tips bimonthly.

I hope this site will help you in every possible manner. Your suggestions are very valuable for me. Don’t forget to post comments.

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