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‘Google Caffeine’ – Change in Indexing Infrastructure

Caffeine and Google

Since a long time, as Google was busy working on caffeine update, I was also busy with my married life. Today, as Google had announced the completion of caffeine, I also announce my come back here.

What does caffeine mean?

  • Faster search
    Caffeine is a chemical compound which acts as a stimulant. Similarly, caffeine update is a stimulant for Google’s indexing infrastructure. When you a type a search query in the search bar of Google, caffeine – the stimulant, come into play and uplifts the pages residing on data centres quickly. This means that you will see search results much faster.

    Old Google crawling and indexing was structured in layers. Some layers were indexed faster, while the main layer could be updated in a couple of weeks. This means that a bunch had to wait until the whole layer was processed and pushed live. This added a significant delay in when the page was crawled by Googlebot and when it was published. Caffeine resulted in a 50% fresher index.

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What Google say about Keywords Meta Tag?

In 1998, when Google came into existence, other search engines like Infoseek and Altavista were indexing sites using the keywords meta tag. But, keyword meta tag, being a webmaster controlled parameter, can be easily manipulated to stuff it up with irrelevant and undesirable keywords.

While not giving any advantage to keyword stuffing, Google came up with the idea of using external links to rank the websites. Webmasters, having the older conception in mind, believed that Google too uses the keyword meta tag.

Thus, since its inception, Google had never used the keyword meta tag, since people started to stuff it up with keywords even irrelevant to their website. Other search engines might use it but Google, which is the major source of traffic for websites, don’t bother about it.

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Why should I use Google Friend Connect?

Google introduced Friend Connect to tap into the social networking community. It is very simple to use and apply on your website. For site owners, Google offers a snippet of code. Simply add the code to your website and get social features up and running. No need of programming required.

The site becomes more dynamic and enjoys the features of social networking. No need to remember more usernames and passwords. Simply sign in with your google, yahoo, aim or open id account.

You can connect with your friends on other networks while being at at the same time. You can make friends, join sites using friend connect, connect with other people who share similar interests. Currently, you can invite friends from Orkut and Plaxo, your contacts from Google Talk, or anyone by sending an email.

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Would you like to see your site’s favicon in Google search results?

Hey, I just came across an exciting update going on in Google SERPs. A favicon along with search results! Crap, I don’t believe it. Till now, we were able to see favicon at two places only:

  1. In browser tab.
  2. In browser bookmarks/favorites.

Now it’s expected that Google search results too will display it.

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