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Google Algorithm Updates taking the form of Sandy Hurricane on the Web

Sandy hurricane & googleRecently, Sandy hurricane wrecked havoc across the NorthEast coast of US. This has been very devastating and I hope all my near and dear ones, fellow bloggers, business partners and everyone else is safe and secure.

While US is struggling with Sandy hurricane, in the web world; we have seen the websites suffering with Google algorithm updates. I will refer Google updates as ‘Google hurricane’, as these updates also bring devastating affects for some of the sites and for some, it doesn’t matter et el.

Ok, so what are the similarities in both the hurricanes?

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How to Start an Online Business?


With the internet users increasing in numbers, we would have to say that it is the perfect time to explore new opportunities and new dimensions to reach out to people and make use of the technology to its maximum. The corporate world is fast changing and with it the shopping ways of people. Less time and lack of energy, make it difficult to run around store to store to shop for products, which is why in America, around 60% of consumers can be found online. They find it convenient and easy to shop from the comforts of the home.

There is a phenomenal change in the way people look at the internet in India today. Over 50 million and still growing numbers of internet users, it is no longer recognized as just information medium. Business men and the entrepreneurs should exploit this medium to make their presence felt globally and use the technology to its fullest. Business people need to contemplate on the fact that it is only a matter of time when the younger generation, which is now growing along with the internet will not be noticed anywhere other than the web. Apparently, they are already shunning consumption by the offline media or traditional approach. Do not be surprised to find them on the internet spending disproportionate time.

So, today we will share some tips about starting an online business in India.

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The Real Essence of Online Marketing

Hi Friends!

How have you been all this while? I really missed chatting and sharing yours’ and mine experience! I was unable to catch up with you all, as I was busy setting up my own company, BlueBit Systems. In the process, I worked with several clients with different mind sets and varied requirements. This really helped me in a much deeper understanding of online marketing.Online Marketing Benefits

What I realized during the course is SEO is more than optimizing a set of only a few keywords; it is a part of bigger and more synchronized world which is helping companies to gain recognition and win virtual, and finally, the real market.

Optimizing the site for a set of keywords, the basic SEO technique, is only one aspect of the industry and we need to grow beyond that. We need to understand the real power of Adwords and harness social media as part of our marketing campaign. The real traffic comes from here, and helps in bringing the due recognition to your brand. The companies, who understand this, have increased their customer base and penetrated their brand.

Let me take one thing at a time, this will help us to understand the two ideas clearly and effectively. I will begin with Adwords as this is the most crucial topic and the moment we are able to understand the essence of this word, we are sure to place ourselves strategically via the online media. Read more »

What Google say about Keywords Meta Tag?

In 1998, when Google came into existence, other search engines like Infoseek and Altavista were indexing sites using the keywords meta tag. But, keyword meta tag, being a webmaster controlled parameter, can be easily manipulated to stuff it up with irrelevant and undesirable keywords.

While not giving any advantage to keyword stuffing, Google came up with the idea of using external links to rank the websites. Webmasters, having the older conception in mind, believed that Google too uses the keyword meta tag.

Thus, since its inception, Google had never used the keyword meta tag, since people started to stuff it up with keywords even irrelevant to their website. Other search engines might use it but Google, which is the major source of traffic for websites, don’t bother about it.

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What is the future of SEO in the world of ever-evolving search engines?

Aaron Wall raised a question ‘Will SEO be dead within next two years?

Future of SEO - Dead or Live?

Future of SEO – Dead or Live?

Most of the SEOs are of the opinion “NO, SEO will continue till search engines continue to rank sites. Though the techniques used may change.”

I would say that SEO might be dead. As the search engines especially Google are changing the way they rank sites, SEO will not be needed anymore. Since its inception, algorithm of Google to rank sites has changed a lot. Earlier it used to rank sites based on the keywords in ‘keyword’ Meta tag. Later it made the use of this tag obsolete.

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Is Yahoo trying to imitate Google?

Yahoo! Valentine's Season Special

Yahoo! Valentine's Season Special

On every occasion/ holiday season, Google comes up with something nice in their search results. This Valentine’s Day season, Yahoo! announced something similar. They are running a heart-border around the Valentine’s Day ads on the right side of search page. The hearts show up on certain Valentine’s Day queries like gifts, cards, candy etc., to grab the user’s attention so that they can easily spot what they are looking for.

So, to make profits, this is a good opportunity for Yahoo! Advertisers who are selling Valentine’s Day products.

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