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Which is the best Blogging CMS 2008?

With the growing computerization, blogosphere has shown a tremendous increase in the recent years. While people used professionally tailored websites to increase the online presence of their business only, now they are using various blogging and social networking platforms to socialize and express their interests and personality too. With this advancement, the originators of blogging platforms are also giving full support by making their CMSs more user-friendly to cater to the needs of people.

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How is SocialTwist ‘Tell-A-Friend’ service different from others?

SocialTwist LogoIf you go to the bottom of each post, you will see a cool new widget. This is called SocialTwist ‘Tell-A-Friend’ widget. It enables your readers or employees of a company to collaborate with each other.

SocialTwist allows you to send your favorite post to your friends without moving away from the site. It provides ‘Tell-A-Friend’ script which can be used across various services like email, social networking/bookmarking sites, IM and other CMS/ blogs. Also, you don’t have to remember the email addresses as the widget shows your contact list from the respective email or social network.

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How to create Stylish WordPress Author Comments?

Blogs offer users the ability to interact with the author. This is the main reason why blogs are becoming so popular these days. However, most of the blog owners don’t give much attention to the usability and design of the comment section. People find it easy to scroll through comments, if the commenter’s details are separated from the actual comment. Some people like to have a quick glance on the comments to have an idea of discussion going on. So, if the commenter’s details are kept separated from comments, it becomes easy for them to read comments quickly.

I have seen the fact that some people complain about the less amount of comments they receive. I believe that if you put much thought and effort towards making your comment section attractive and easy to use like rest of the blog, you will be surprised at the amount of traffic you receive.

You can get some tips and examples for improving your comments section here:
Creating a better wordpress comment section

Isn’t it exciting? Now, let’s see how you can use those styles on your own blog.

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Why you should visit regularly?

First of all, a very warm welcome to all my readers, and a very Happy Diwali to my Indian friends. May this Diwali (the festival of lights) bring all the luck and happiness in your life!

You must be wondering how is going to be a useful resource for you? Let me tell you why I have created and why you should subscribe and visit it regularly? All my friends, colleagues and teachers say that I ask lots of questions. But I have learnt a lot too through this habit of mine and now I want to share my knowledge with you. Here, I will be posting articles particularly related to search engine optimization, blogging, and search engine marketing. Areas like web development, programming and web designing will also be covered to some extent because these areas also play an important part in website optimization. I keep on experimenting and learning various things related to development and designing, so I will share it with you and will tell you, in the simplest way, the easiest manner to do things. This site is basically for those who are just stepping into this field and want to learn more and more. Many people approach me and ask questions related to my profession (i.e., SEO) and even come with their personal problems. Keeping this in mind I thought of creating this website,, to help them in every possible manner I can. This is a one spot where all your queries will get answered.

I will be presenting much of the information in question-answer format which will be very easy to scan through. You can contact me and send me any of your queries and suggestions at If I find the question asked by you as interesting and helpful for others too, then I will post the question along with the answer here. You can opt to disclose your name or keep yourself anonymous. Any queries related to personal problems are also welcome.

I am dedicating one section of this site to my dad, Dr. Nirmal Prakash, who is a medical physician by profession. He will be giving you health tips bimonthly.

I hope this site will help you in every possible manner. Your suggestions are very valuable for me. Don’t forget to post comments.

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